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I love my LAVABAG!! I am currently pregnant and so I have a lot of lower back pain, I love using it for that. They stay warm for a long time, and never stink like the rice bags which I love.

Katie Manetta Davis

I. LOVE. my. lavabag. I always had a rice bag because menstrual cramps are the worst and the warmth felt good. BUT I had a love-hate relationship with my rice bag because 1) it smelled bad & 2) I had to re-heat it every 5 minutes. My lavabag not only solves both of those problems! I heat it up and the warmth is perfect (doesn't burn me) and that lasts a long time. AND it adds a little weight which feels good on sore muscles too. I've started using it for my shoulder and my husband's neck; it is SO soothing. It is hearty too. This thing is going to last a long time. It is so worth it, I can't even tell you!!!!

Elizabeth Burk

I was needing to do a warm compression on my daughter but the wash cloth would lose its warmth in minutes. Then I started using the Lavabag on top of the wash cloth and it helped it keep it's heat for the entire time. I've also used it just for the weight of the bag for when I have migraines and it's perfect.

Amber Turley

The ONLY heating pad filled with Natural Lava Sand!

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