• Top 10 Fillers for Microwavable Heating Pads

    The best heating pads are those with fillers that can retain heat for long periods of time, are durable, comfortable, don't smell bad after repeated use, and are easy to find.
  • Are Microwavable Heating Pads Safe?

    Microwavable heating pads are safe to use as long as individuals follow the directions that come with their products. If someone makes their own heating pad, it is important to know what materials to use to make it and how long to heat it for.
  • Can Heating Pads Catch On Fire?

    When heated correctly, it is perfectly safe to heat a heating pad in the microwave. Instances of heating pads catching on fire usually occur if the pad is heated too long, or the coverings are made from combustible materials.
  • What Causes Menstrual Cramps

    It's coming! That dreaded time of month. You're clothes are no longer fitting, you feel tired and bloated, and then they hit! Cramps! Cramps, or mo...
  • This Is Why Your Heating Pad Smells Bad

    Does your trusty heating pad smell bad, especially when being heated up in the microwave? That's because it is filled with food, food which spoils and gets burned after repeated heating. However, there is a much better option for natural heat therapy.