• Wheat vs Lava Sand: The Best For Your Heating Pad

      There are so many different heating pad products out there with their own things inserted into the bag. Some are good for keeping heat for a long...
  • Clay Beans vs Lava Sand: The Best For Heating Pads

    There are so many different heating pad products out there with their own things inserted into the bag. Some are good for keeping heat for a long ...
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    Where Can I Buy A Microwavable Heating Pad If you want to buy a good quality microwavable heating pad but don’t know where to look, then this artic...
  • How to Use a Microwavable Heating Pad

    Whether you have a rice sock, a heating pad purchased online, or you decide to make your own with beans, flax seeds, or other pantry items- heating pads are a great way to find relief.

    Find out how to use a heating pad- including what makes the best heating pad, how to make a simple heating pad, how long you should microwave it, and more!

  • What is Heat Therapy

    Heat therapy is the cheap, easily accessible form of pain relief that helps those suffering from muscle pain, both chronic and acute.

    By applying heat to a sore or stiff area, muscles can relax and allow blood to flow more freely to inflicted areas.

  • Heating Pads For Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation, and Diarrhea

    Heat, especially when applied with heating pads can relax the outer stomach muscles, helping individuals who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and its accompanying constipation or diarrhea to find relief.
  • Heating Pads for Headaches and Migraines

    One of the best and most recommended treatments for headaches, especially tension caused headaches, is the application of heating pads.

    By applying heat to the forehead or other part of the head, the heat helps to relax muscles allowing you to experience relief.

  • What Is The Best Microwave Heating Pad

    With so many heating pad options on the market as well as DIY tutorials about making rice socks and other homemade versions of heating pads, which ones are the best? Find out as we list the good and the bad of different DIY and commercial microwavable heating pads, and tell you which heating pad out performs them all.
  • Are Heating Pads Bad For You

    Are heating pads bad for you?

    If you have menstrual cramps, arthritis, sprains and other aches and pains, you may have heard of the soothing properties of heating pads.

    All natural, affordable, and reusable, heating pads are the go source to find relief for various muscle pains.

    But can they be bad for you?

  • What Do You Use Heating Pads For

    If you experience stiffness, muscle cramping, or joint pain, heating pads can help reduce pain.

    By increasing blood flow to constricted muscles, helping connective tissue loosen, and causing muscles to relax, heating pads are an easy, effective, affordable pain treatment option.