Collection: Lava Sand

This lava sand has been screened, washed, dried, and sanitized.

It is ready for DIY Heating Pads, DIY Ice Packs, Aquariums, and Crafts.

This is literally the only actual lava sand for sale on the internet. All other lava sand you will find is actually crushed scoria, a pumice-like lava rock used in landscaping. It has no ability to hold a temperature like this lava sand can.


DIY HEATING PADS- This is the lava sand that is used for all of our Lavabag products.

DIY ICE PACKS- Lava Sand Ice Packs are literally the most comfortable ice packs ever. They can be molded to your body and the lava sand releases the cold so slow it doesn't just feels amazing.

AQUARIUMS- Most black sands for aquariums are artificially colored making them unnatural. Lava Sand is completely natural giving your aquarium the Hawaii beach feel.

CRAFTS- Lava sand is fantastic for homemade exfoliating soaps. It can also be used in sand art, hourglass, or a mini zen garden. 

This lava sand is sourced from an ancient black lava sand beach from a dried-up prehistoric lake. It is NOT sourced in Hawaii or Iceland.

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